In The Mood For Love

An expo on gender, sexuality, intimacy, consent & love between men
02/12/2021 – 02/01/2022

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Everyone needs love...

In The Mood For a Workshop?

Find out more about the different workshops that are given at the exhibition.

In the Mood for a Happy Ending?

Come join us at our little closing party with Dj Thom Leblanc.
One last time to visit the expo and to buy most what is here, we are having ourselves a real Moroccan Souk experience.
You can bid on what you like and support Boysproject & Alias that way.

When: 2 January 2022
Start: 15:00
End: 19:00

In the Mood for Bondage

Discover the wonderful world of shibari/bondage.

When it comes to bondage, everyone thinks of limiting freedom of movement, although it is also a way to build trust and create a special bond.

During an interactive workshop you will have the chance to become familiar with the world of bondage. You will learn a few techniques that you can immediately apply or undergo on the spot. You decide which role you take. We make sure to create a safe space where there is room to explore bondage.

The workshop is given by Geert Claes. He got to know shibari/bondage 30 years ago, he still learns and discovers the beauty of this special game every time. It’s up to you to go on a journey of discovery.

Language: Dutch
When: 9 December 2021
Start Workshop: 20:00
End Workshop: 21:45
Music performance: 22:00 (open to everyone)

In the Mood for Prevention

How to protect yourself and still fully experience your sexuality?

During this workshop, a positive sexual experience is the most important. It does not alter the fact that you are often confronted with messages about STDs, the consequences of unsafe sex…

Mark Sergeant (expert at Sensoa, Flemish expertise centre for sexual health) and Jaouad Alloul (curator In the mood for love) certainly do not shy away from the conversation about STDs. Free from taboos, they show you the way and at the same time you’ll have the opportunity to ask any question.

You will find out what options there are to protect yourself and how you can experience your sexuality in complete freedom at the same time. We create a safe place where you can talk freely with Mark, Jaouad and each other.

Language: English
When: December 11, 2021
Start Workshop: 20:00
End Workshop: 21:45
Music performance: 22:00 (open to everyone)

In the Mood for Queer Sex Education

Dive into the world of queer sex – a taboo-free conversation with Jaouad Alloul, Senne Misplon & Tabita De Koninck.

Sex. After high school we think we know all about it, although the focus is on reproduction rather than relaxation and pleasure. In addition, our education system is extremely hetero- and cisnormative and does not stimulate the senses.

So you have to figure it out for yourself. In today’s world you hear and read many things that contradict each other or that do anything but help you enjoy your sexuality. Certainly as a queer person in this white cisgender society, it is not obvious to find answers to your questions about sexuality.

Enter this workshop about queer sex education. An evening in which you as a person can look at your sexuality experience without taboos. Jaouad Alloul, Senne Misplon & Tabita De Koninck will each guide this evening from their own experience and expertise. They guarantee a safe place in which every question is the beginning of new knowledge.

Language: Dutch
When: December 13, 2021
Start Workshop: 20:00
End Workshop: 21:45
Music performance: 22:00 (open to everyone)

In the Mood for Chemsex

Chems as an added value for your sexual experience? Are there dangers to your mental and physical health? Opinions on this are very diverse, although we mainly believe that you should (continue to) have an open dialogue about chemsex. Without judging, because everyone is free in their sexual experience. As long as there is consent, as long as everyone has the right info. That’s why we’re going to discuss the theme ‘chemsex’ tonight. We’ll have two men with us who will tell us more about their experience with chems during sex. The conversation will be moderated by Bo Hanna, followed by a discussion in which there is room for questions from the audience. That is why we make sure that this workshop is a safe place for every participant.

Language: English
When: December 15, 2021
Start Workshop: 20:00
End Workshop: 21:45
Music performance: 22:00 (open to everyone) 

In the Mood for Safety and Consent

‘Freedom = happiness’ is a beautiful thought, also when it comes to our sexual experience. This undeniably includes good agreements between everyone involved. Consent is an absolute requirement. Unfortunately, more and more messages are reaching us where people are crossing the line and not respecting the integrity of the other. That is why it is important to recognize these situations and to know how to respond to them.

During this day we organize two workshops. The first workshop is about recognizing different forms of male sexual abuse and can only be attended by persons who identify as male. Consultant Psychotherapist Saquib Ahmad will guide you through this session. A second workshop, which is free to attend, focuses on coping mechanisms to deal with abuse. It is important to look after yourself and to accept care and support from others. At the session clinical psychologist Jolanta Cihanovica will speak with you about some strategies that can help survivors. At both workshops we ensure that they take place in a safe space.

Language: English
When: December 17, 2021
Start Workshop 1: 15:00
End Workshop 1: 17:45
Music performance: 18:00
Start Workshop 2: 18:30
End Workshop 2: 20:00
Dinner: 20:00
Music performance: 20:15

In the Mood for an Open Relationship

An open relationship. A relationship like any other. Freedom in connection. However, there are many opinions and stories about an open relationship. It’s about time to start a conversation about this.

That’s why we discuss the book ‘Een open relatie: niet voor watjes’ by and with author Myra R Darens. During this interactive lecture you will also learn more about the ins and outs of open relationships and the dynamics at play. It’s not just theory: Jaouad and Jeroen, for instance, will tell you how they deal with it in their relationship. We make sure that these conversations take place in a safe space.

Language: English
When: December 19, 2021
Start talk: 15:00
End talk: 16:45
Music performance: 17:00 (open to everyone)

Full schedule

02/12/2021 – 02/01/2022

Thursday 2 December19h00 – 23h00IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE
Friday 3 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Saturday 4 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Sunday 5 December15h00 – 19h00Expo & coworking
Wednesday 8 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Thursday 9 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Thursday 9 December20h00 – 23h00IN THE MOOD FOR BONDAGE
Friday 10 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Saturday 11 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Saturday 11 December20h00 – 23h00IN THE MOOD FOR PREVENTION
Sunday 12 December15h00 – 19h00Expo & coworking
Monday 13 December20h00 – 23h00IN THE MOOD FOR QUEER SEX EDUCATION
Wednesday 15 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Wednesday 15 December20h00 – 23h00IN THE MOOD FOR CHEMSEX
Thursday 16 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Friday 17 December15h00 – 23h00IN THE MOOD FOR SAFETY & CONSENT
Saturday 18 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Sunday 19 December15h00 – 19h00IN THE MOOD FOR AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP
Wednesday 22 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Thursday 23 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Wednesday 29 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Thursday 30 December11h00 – 17h00Expo & coworking
Sunday 2 January15h00 – 19h00IN THE MOOD FOR A HAPPY ENDING


How do I reach the expo?

The expo is located on the corner of Sainctelettesquare in the center of Brussels, near the Yser metro stop, next to Kaaitheater and KANAL Centre-Pompidou. 

Brussels-North train station is within walking distance.

We encourage you to come by foot, by bike or by public transport. If you do take the car, you have a chance of finding a parking space on Ruimingskaai, Dijlestraat or Havenlaan.

Opening event: Thursday 2 December, 20h00
Location: Sainctelettesquare 17, 1000 Brussels
Art, workshops & events curated by Jaouad Alloul
A partnership with Vrijzinnig Brussel

All profits will go to social organizations for male and transgender sex workers


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